They should have PAID us to come!

The girls had spring break this week because, apparently, the 2 weeks they had off in February weren’t quite enough of a break for them.  Ha!  They have been off since Good Friday.  I know they love not having school,  but unfortunately, we do not get out of language study just because they are home.  It makes it a bit hard to focus when they are here, but we push through it.  Thankfully, a friend here offered to have them over a few mornings while we had class (they jumped in on their homeschooling!).  It was so helpful and a blessing to the girls to get to spend some time with friends!  On Wednesday, we took a vacation day and spent the day at the zoo.  WOW.  About midway through our time there, I began to wonder if they somehow knew foreigners would be there and advertised it.  I think people took more pictures of us than the animals…and wherever we went seemed to get really crowded, really fast!  There were some young students there on a field trip as well, and since they study English, they see us an opportunity to practice.  So funny.  I do believe I was told “hello!” (with LOTS of giggles) at least 250 times…

Look closely.  They sell turtles and fish on a keychain for a mere $1.61.  And of course, every child wants one!  You will be pleased to know that we did not bring home any animals…this time.
This zoo had a bigger variety of animals than most zoos I have visited in the states.  It wasn’t as polished as the American zoos, and it smelled like a barn (but, well, animals DO live there!).  It was a really fabulous zoo!  And kids are free!  Imagine that!
Gracie loves peacocks.  She kept returning to see him because she wanted so badly for him to spread his feathers!  I just think it is wrong that the males get to be so fancy…
I’m pretty sure every female has made this expression when someone is staring at her.  I could relate.

When you entered the bird area you passed through these chains.  There were two sets of them, and they were so heavy!  Ellie said it was her favorite part of the zoo.  She is my special child.  🙂
The whole area was netted, and I have to admit that I felt there was a high probability of one of us being pooped on.  We escaped unscathed, thankfully.

Turtles remind us of our friend Wyatt, so we had to capture the moment for him.
Love these little penguins!
The entire zoo was painted like this.  I felt like I was in the world’s coolest nursery.  Imagine a nursery filled with animal exhibits…every child would look forward to being dropped off!
Okay y’all.  This was THE.  COOLEST.  THING.  EVER!  That black blob next to Gracie is a seal!  We saw these pictures of people with a seal and thought it would be neat, so we pointed and grunted and nodded and play charades until they realized that we wanted to do that too.  The guy walked over and did something super fast and a seal waddled around the corner, jumped up on the bench, and hopped to Gracie.  The lady held Gracie’s head still so the seal would rest his head on her head.  We were not expecting this, so it was the grandest surprise of the day!  Look at that laugh! 

After they posed, we paid a little money and got these rustic fishing sticks with a raw chunk of fish tied to the end.  Those seals are fast!  They ate it in seconds!
We didn’t know you could “tease” the seals by jerking the fish out of reach when they jumped for it.  Either that, or we are just too nice to think like that after they so lovingly gave their kisses to us.
to be continued…

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