This is it. I promise!

 They let you feed the hippos!  Hippos are disgusting animals.  Not only are they very dangerous, but they smell horrible!  When we saw them in Africa, we could smell them before we could ever see them.  It was no different here.
 We just described a Mercer Mayer book about hippos in Chinese.  
 Those teeth!  They look like branches!
 The man would tap his head to make him close his mouth and swallow.  Well, I assume that is why he tapped him…
 This zoo has a mini theme park in the middle of it.  They were checking out the ride trying to decide which one they wanted to ride.
 This one was a log ride.  Umm…no thanks.
 She knew right away what she wanted to ride!
 Gracie picked this ride that she described at the Conquistador meets the TeaCups.  It went hiiiiiiiigh into the sky and spun us in circles making your belly drop to your knees and then back up almost out of your mouth.
 I was trying not to throw up.  I was super dizzy…in fact I get a queasy typing this because the memories all come back so clearly.  
 We held hands for the whole ride.  And laughed.  A lot.
 Ellie wanted the swings, and she didn’t care that she was riding them alone.  She was the ONLY person on the ride.  Ha!
Notice the people watching her.  You can bet that when she got off, a bunch of them got on.  They really should have let us ride them for free, because their business would have tripled!
 This was one time I was happy that Cam is Faith’s favorite parent (she tells me this).  She chose the water ride, and here they give you ponchos to keep you dry.  In theory anyway.
Here it comes!
 Must have been fun!

 And obviously the poncho didn’t work all that well.  She said that her hood blew off as they started down the mountain!
 I didn’t notice that she was wearing tennis shoes with her dress until after we had already left the house.  Don’t judge.  We live in China.
This group of ladies surrounded Ellie as Faith and Cam were on their ride.  They were taking her picture and touching her, so I asked her if she was okay.  They heard me call her Ellie, so there was a chorus of “Ellie’s” as we tried to leave.  Notice I said try.  They caught sight of Faith, and they all wanted pictures with her too. 
 The girls are great sports when it comes to the paparazzi.  They are always kind and smile for the camera.  Sometimes they even give the peace sign.  It took awhile to break away, and only after all us girls got a picture together (taken by Cam).  Then we heard “Bye Ellie!!!” as we walked off…
 It was a great day, with lots of fun memories (and obviously lots of pictures)!  We will for sure make a repeat visit in the not too distant future!


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