We fit right in.

The monkeys are always my favorite.  They act so much like humans, children to be more exact, and I always laugh so much when I realize I saw my kids doing the same things just the other day!  
 These are Faith’s favorite, and they always have been.  They are so colorful and make me think of how creative our Lord was when we made everything so unique and special.
I think that He must have been in a really happy mood to throw so much color on one animal!
 I think the real reason my girls like them so much is because they have named them the “rainbow butt monkeys”.  Now, before you think that we allow our children to use that term, this is the ONLY time they can say “butt”.  We usually have to tell them to stop though because they tend to say something about this monkey in every sentence.  In fact, I overheard the girls yesterday in their room saying, “Okay, you can be the rainbow butt monkey…”  Who knows what they were playing!

mmm…chocolate covered lips and dripping cones.  It’s what memories are made of.

The animals here were so tame.  They would really ham it up when someone came to their window.  It was like they were circus animals putting on a show.
This guy.  Oh man.  He was a character!

He would pretend to walk away, then spin around and run as fast as he could towards the window and the unsuspecting patron ogling him.
He would then jump and smash his whole body, with full force, right where the person was standing.  It was hilarious!
I just found it amusing that this guy picked a water bottle up from the ground, climbed onto to the resting area with it, then laid down and scratched himself with it.  And with so many people watching…
This big lazy dude just laid there picking his nose then EATING his boogers!  He must have had a lot of boogers too because he did this for quite some time.  Of course, we were the weirdos standing there watching him…

He’s just cute.  I want one.
Never in my life have I seen a vampire monkey.  I think it is called a Golden Monkey, but that name is too tame for this species.  Wow.  He would be be sitting there calmly and then turn and bare his fangs while hissing at whoever was next to his glass.  It was frightening!  There was lots of screaming then laughing afterward from the crowd.  

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