A delightful delicacy and some chocolate

 We got another big box in the mail the other day that was unexpected (for me anyway because Cam forgot to tell me…).  I was so excited, but we always wait until the girls get home so they can open it.  So patient, I was.
 There was some squeezable jelly in this box (grape!), and Faith has taken a PBJ sandwich every time she has taken her lunch to school since then.  We can get strawberry here in small jars (Cam’s favorite is strawberry), but the girls have been longing for grape!
 It is so much fun to watch them reveal all the treasures in each box that we receive.  I love that Faith saw chocolate milk powder and immediately handed it over to Ellie (who thinks all the food groups should be replaces with chocolate).
 Ellie was done.  She didn’t care what else came in the package, she had her love language spoken in huge ways with this container!
 She wasn’t letting go.  She has also enjoyed chocolate milk multiple times a day.  In fact, tonight I saw her taking the milk to the kitchen…from the living room…where she was mixing up her sludge of a drink.  There is way more chocolate than milk in what she makes!
 Animal Cookies.  I didn’t even know I missed them, but today, in the middle of class, my tummy started making strange gurgling sounds to alert me that it needed sustenance with sugar, so I grabbed this giant bag of cookies and could. not. stop. eating them.  I had to take them back to the kitchen lest I eat the whole bag in one sitting.  Cam did his fair share of munching on them too.  Wow.  I didn’t remember the slight hint of lemon and flaky goodness packed in these little animals.  And to top it off, our story was about a zoo today. 
 Ellie couldn’t even take her eyes off the chocolate for a moment.  You would think she was chocolate deprived!  And I’m thinking Faith has disco fever…
Now let’s watch her chew through the cardboard…
This box was packed full of yumminess and even some craftiness!  Faith has learned to sew sequins to felt thanks to the supplies in this box.  Cam loves sweeping sequins off every surface.  Really.  He does.  Ha!  I heard him tell her one time that she had more little thingies all over the place than she got on her project.  I just silently laughed inside and praised Him for giving me a house full of girls.

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