She gets that from me…

We bought this throw and catch game a couple weeks ago and the girls were dying to try it out.  You can see that Cam knows there will be lots of standing around while they chase the ball…he doesn’t even bother to take his hand out of his pocket.  He was right, of course.  But they didn’t mind at all.  They smiled and laughed the whole time…we did too, but we probably laughing at them like any good parent would…
She gets her really awesome hand/eye coordination from me.  I mean, really, I can see how the ball was coming staright towards the little catchy thing.  At least she didn’t duck and turn her body away I guess.  Not that I would do that or anything…

Omph!  Gracie is a bit off target again, but Ellie looks right on for the catch!

Just so you can have another looksee at this awesomeness. 🙂


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