Everyday life

I took the girl’s artwork from years ago, that I have always had framed in my home, to the frame store last week. When I picked it up, I dropped off 12 more pictures to be framed. It’s so inexpensive!! Crazy. Anyway, tucked between some very special drawings I have was my picture of Chloe (our first daughter who died when she was only four months old). I didn’t realize the picture was there, and when the lady held it up to ask me a question, my emotions came pouring out. It was a sudden onslaught of grief that I haven’t felt in who knows how long, but it was all I could do to keep standing and not let loose the “ugly cry”. I think of her most every day and miss her with a wrenching pain inside, always wanting her. But I never wanted to make that known to the people around me like I did…

In much lighter news, we got a fish. He is blue, so, fittingly, his name is JoshAway. Because we love Joshua, Texas and especially love the people there, we wanted him to be our reminder of those good things.

Ellie has her own sense of style. Rarely does she match, and her pants usually have holes in the knees. We can’t run to the store to replace them, and she loves them, so I just don’t look below her face when she has them on. Or really any day, because, well, she just looks special. HA!


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