Some randomness for ya

My laptop has breathed it’s last breath. While at the mall with the Apple store (for them to pronounce it) I visited the ladies room only to find toilets made for elves. I felt like Buddy in Elf. My hand was bigger than the hole and it came up to mid-shin. It was nice and clean, but I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I was supposed to use it.

This is the Chinese Mollie. We miss our dog (even though she is a terribly disobedient dog!) and always get excited when we see this dog who looks so much like her. She’s much better behaved though…

How fun are these lights?! At night, the overpasses are lit up with these bright, colorful LED lights. I think all overpasses should be so decorated!

This was class today. We couldn’t decipher the sentence so our tutor (whom we love SO much) drew us a picture. See? The man had an idea in his head that he couldn’t get out. He wanted the idea to leave his head and come out of the pen onto the paper…I don’t even get it in English! We got a little frustrated at trying to figure out vocab and sentence structure, but that certainly didn’t stop us from laughing!


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