The little things

As I bent over the sink for what felt like hours, I realized how many little things I have taken for granted in my life.  I won’t share all of them with you lest I bore you to tears.  You see,  I bought loads of strawberries today, because I was told that strawberry season will end very abruptly, being here one day and gone the next.  I wanted to purée some berries for lemonade this summer (thanks to the advice of a good friend) but as I swished them in saltwater to kill whatever lurked on their beautiful, red, brightness waiting to infect our bodies, I came to the conclusion that it takes work here to eat fruit anything.  Unless you aren’t afraid of bacteria and spending a few days in the bathroom.  Just call me Cat.  Scaredy Cat.  After the swishing, I had to rinse each one and de-stem them, then dry them.  I’ve been skipping steps, trying to do it faster, but I ended up with mushy berries.  Like most things in life, doing it well the first time is always the best choice, because the negative consequences are never worth the shortcut.  Anyway, all that to say that I won’t ever complain about washing (rinsing) fruit in America.  In fact, I will relish how quick and safe it is.  I also won’t take for granted being able to read labels so that you know what  you are buying…(just imagine me walking in circles in the market searching for dried garbanzo beans and spinach, which are actually quite indistinguishable from other beans and leafy greens…)


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