You know those people who immediately love you just because they love someone else who loves you?  We have a group of people in our lives who are exactly like that.  We can visit them, and it feels like home.  We can ask them for help, and they jump to supply any and everything we need.  They also bless us with these packages “just because”.  And I’m not talking about every now and then…I mean all the time.
 Just like every other package, the girls (and me!) have all this anticipation of what we will find inside!  They had friends over this time, and even the friends were excited to see the box’s contents revealed!
 Love Ellie’s face here.  That fun coral necklace is just for me from my best friend.  Jewelry makes everything better right?!  Or is that a cupcake…
 Jay (my friend) is a great stuffer of boxes.  She fits SO much stuff in there!  There were candles (ohhhh…the language of my heart.  Well, one of them), and these candles smell SO good.  The girls wanted to light one right away, but I prefer to save them until the smells of this country seep into our home and threaten to gag us all.  Much better plan.
 Ellie’s Wyatt sent her lots of cards and letters.  In fact, I think all the letters were for her.  Gracie would hold one up and say, “and this is for…Ellie…again”.  Ellie ate it up.  I pray she marries that boy.  But don’t tell Cam I’m planning that…I like to let him pretend his girls won’t ever date…you should ask me about the emails Gracie has been receiving…
Do you see those packets in the front?!  I am going to plant a little garden on my balcony!  China cannot take the country out of this girl!  And please excuse the windblown, worn out look we seem to have.  We had been on the playground when the mail came…
Thank you for loving us!!

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