Fever and amputations

The girls had a sleepover Friday night that lasted until after dinner on Saturday, when their parents came to dine with us. Doesn’t that sound fancy? Well, wouldn’t you know, in the middle of dinner, Faith said her head hurt and had a fever. It always seems to happen at the moment when the most people could be contaminated by fever inducing germs. She still had a fever this morning, and I had a migraine that was resistant to all medication. Except the medication of lounging in bed all day in workout clothes that have never actually been worked out in. That would require way too much effort. And sweat. So, while Faith and I were being puny and Gracie was being all preteenish with her book and her iPod, Ellie was left to entertain herself. She has no problem with this at all. In fact, I could probably give her a mirror and she would talk to herself or tell her mirror twin fabulously elaborate stories all day. Or she could find her broken sword and pretend to cut her arm off while “breaking the record for wearing pajamas the longest”. Clearly, that was the superior choice.


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