First Ever Arts Festival

The girls were part of an Arts Festival this past weekend that was a pleasant surprise for this mama.   I honestly didn’t want to spend my Friday night listening to lots of kids I didn’t know sing and play their instruments, but Gracie really wanted to sing in the children’s choir.  I don’t think she actually wanted to sing as much as she wanted to miss half a day of school and hang out with her best friend, but I get that, and we were happy to sign the necessary forms and scour the city for proper attire.  When we arrived at the festival, I was overjoyed to see that all the girls had artwork displayed!
The idea of behind the show was “movement”.  Each class interpreted that in a different way.  I love to see all the little things that made up Faith’s art.
Ellie was super proud to see her name on the wall.  And who wouldn’t be?!  
All of the 5th graders made a tree, but they all looked SO different!  I keep meaning to ask Gracie exactly how they did this…
There are four videos here…and I apologize before you ever see them for their low quality and for the people who are semi-blocking the view.  I, being the awesome photographer that I am, forgot my camera.  Don’t shoot!  I was armed with a handy iPhone and did the best I could.  Besides the fact that I had no camera, the director chose to stand directly in front of Gracie.  Look for her under the right armpit of the lady leading.  One of the videos is of the High School Choir, but I just loved the rendition of the song.  It made me feel like we were in the middle of a filming for Sister Act (and you know that is one of my favorite movies!).

As I sat through the songs, my eyes filled with tears (shock, I know!).  Last year I was worried about Gracie because she didn’t seem to want to do anything.  She just wasn’t interested.  This year, in a new city, a new country, far away from all she knows and is comfortable with, she IS interested, and I recognize the answer to my heart’s cry for her.  There are so many opportunities here that my girls wouldn’t have otherwise been able to be part of, and I really want to soak them up and jump in with both feet!

The two pictures I got.  Notice how blurry the first one is.  Sorry ’bout that.  And then you can see Gracie right under the armpit in the clear one…it’s just so sad that you can’t see her super cute lacy skirt!

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