Pop-Tarts get the fist pump!

Same story.  New day.  Today the phone didn’t ring; it was the doorbell that alerted us to greatness in a box.  When we saw the paper covered box, we knew it was from our adopted Mamas, Ms. Shirley and Ms. Jeannie, back in Joshua.  You know how Mamas always want their little chicks to have a balanced breakfast…or at least a happy breakfast…
 Gracie carried it in, commenting on it’s lightness, wondering what it could be.
 Faith would have been happy with a box full of air bubbles.  Look at that toothless grin!
 Ooooh…Cam saw something he wanted and bee-lined it for the box.
 Oh yeah.  Fist pump, baby.  Those are strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts!  There is nothing like a hot, toasted Pop-Tart smothered with sweet salted butter…
 Look at this hair!  It drives me insane!  It’s like living with multiple Cousin Its’.
I wish I could say that Ellie pout that on her head just for the picture.  But I would be lying.  Eventually, she turned the foam paper, Pop-Tart protectant into a home for her glass dolphin on a spring.  Then, she took it to school for her art teacher.  I’m sure her teacher appreciated it and will cherish it forever. 
See that box of Life?  Good.  You won’t see it again.  I hid it, only to come out when no one is watching…

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