A little of this. A little of that.

You never know what to expect any given Sunday around here…

Faith and Ellie were in a dancing mood, so Ellie grabbed the vacuum cleaner and said she would dance and FAith could sing.  Then an argument ensued about who gets to dance and why can’t they both dance and sing.  I just sat and watched, fully amused that the vacuum cleaner was the prince…

I have this thing, perhaps from childhood, that no secular tv or music can be played before worship.  We have pretty lazy Sunday mornings, as we don’t have to leave the house until 9:45 and everyone gets up before 7…So, all we have to watch on tv (if that is what they choose to do) is Veggie Tales.  My heart was so happy when I looked over and saw Faith cuddled up with Gracie on the couch (and that Gracie didn’t tell her to back off!).  These sisters really do love one another, and nothing oculd make me happier.

I got my pictures framed and hung them yesterday afternoon.  The ones of the girls are from my long-time, very talented friend Amanda.  Home wouldn’t be home without them framed on the wall.  The Asian woman is from one of the most artistic and kind teenagers I know, Nikki.  I love, love, love, to look over and be filled with reminders of these friends!

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