May Day Kindness

May Day is a big holiday here (much like labor day, except they actually observe it for 3 days).  Everybody is off work for a couple days so the city seems to be hopping! 
 This year, May Day was wet and windy and a little bit chilly.  It rained ALL day.  The breeze blowing through the apartment was absolutely wonderful!  It was cool and damp and smelled like rain…made a perfect day for some crafting on the couch while TLC was on in the background. 🙂  Obviously, Cam wasn’t home…
These are the little tags that say “Happy May Day!  From your neighbor in 701”.  The candy was a mixture of suckers and hard candies (grape, orange cream, and one that is just like a Werther’s)
 This was the spread as I started assembling the little door gifts.  Faith, Ellie, and I started on them over the weekend, so all that was left was putting it together.  It didn’t go without any problems, of course (I DO live in China) but it turned out close to what I had hoped for.
 Ready to go out!
 We walked up to the 9th floor to start, then walked down putting the gifts on each door.  Each floor has two apartments, and luckily, the girls were happy to trade off doors.
 It wasn’t anything fancy, but this culture likes to “repay” any kind deed so they don’t owe you.  That evening, we had one little girl bring us a gift bag of candy and this morning, we found the emptied cone on our door filled with pencils.  I certainly didn’t want anyone to feel indebted to us, but we really wanted to do something that would hopefully open doors for relationships with our neighbors.  We rarely see anyone as we come and go unless we share the elevator with someone, and that just isn’t enough…even if they all know what floor I live on without me telling them…
 Walking down all the stairs…and I promise my children didn’t actually go anywhere where they would be seen like this.  They had just gotten home from a school event (where they actually got really dirty!) and the weather had dropped in temperature, so they just threw stuff on.  Really I shouldn’t make excuses, sometimes they do actually go places dressed liked this…
Ellie looks hilarious here.  I crack up every time I see it!  She had her too-small fleece zipped all the way up (it has one of those mock collar things) and then she had tucked her chin in.  I think she looks like a little mismatched turtle.  I told her to lift her chin up and I snapped another shot, but it wasn’t any better…ha!

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