A little bit of Joshaway

 It was after dinner Sunday when the call came that a box was downstairs, so Faith and I headed out to see what it was.  It was from some of our most favorite people in our favorite little town that our hearts call home.
 New markers!  I think the girls favorite hobby is drawing and creating things, so there were cheers and immediate questions of when they could use them (which was about ten minutes later…)
 Cam played baseball all day, so he picked up some food for me and him (to explain the red bowl with sticks coming out).  Faith said, “what is this?”  Wow.  She has never had Cracker Jacks before!  What a sad oversight.  And Ellie had the Cheez-Its for breakfast this morning instead of the homemade cinnamon rolls I had made…
 My love of all things cupcakes was definitely obvious in this package and made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy…I should have snapped a picture of the computer screen because we had Cupcake Wars on pause…ha!
 A whole stack of drawings from our favorite artist, Nikki!  We love that she shares her talent so freely with us.
 Notes, notes, letters, letters, pictures, ohhhh…so fun!
 She can’t quite read cursive yet, so she wanted to know what this said.  It was an envelope FULL of letters from Kerri!  
 Devouring words from our loves
 Ellie was really excited about her panda bear!
 I read Faith’s letter to her as she grinned and cheesed it up because of her excitement.
 Dana wrote us all letters on colored paper with her gorgeous handwriting and flowery words.  Her letter made me cry, but in the best way.  It was so encouraging and heartfelt that my tears just couldn’t be contained!  We even got a picture with all of their hand prints, and we decided that Tim may have the biggest hands of anyone we know!
There were so many goodies tucked away in here, that today I found myself walking by them in their new homes with a smile on my face just loving them all.  The candle smells amazing, by the way.  It is great!!

Cam got some of Kerri’s “first deer jerky”, and he lit up!  He even shared a little today 🙂
Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  We love y’all!!

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