Long awaited package

This has been the most difficult box for us to receive.  I think it had to physically jump through hoops to get here…on its own…with no human hands to help it.  It was mailed on March 27th, I believe.  It arrived at our house May 6th.  That is just a few days longer than the usual 10 days it takes other boxes…crazy!  There were definitely moments when we thought it would never make it through customs and all the FedEx chains!  But, it arrived, and because of the month long anticipation, the girls were jumping up and down to rip it open!
 I have to admit, I was pretty curious as to what this huge box was going to contain…
 Oh the happiness!  They knew it was from their beloved Mush (who has the greatest house and lake to spend summertime on!), so they were dying to see!
 One sad part of being the picture taker is that I am the last to know what is inside…but judging from the looks of sheer joy, it had to be great!
 I’m pretty sure Ellie is torn between getting something else out and stealing whatever Faith is holding (cookies!).  I can just hear the little voice in her head tempting her…
 Mmmm…we had sweet tea with dinner last night.  We may possibly be one of the only two families in China who have tea sent from America to the tea capital of the world…but they don’t have regular, plain Jane decaf tea!!  We can’t possibly drink caffeine at 6pm and still expect to sleep!
 Not one, but two bags of liquid energy beans in this box.  Oh how I love coffee.  It could be the only thing running through my veins at any given moment.  Hot, cold, lukewarm, iced, frothy, I will take it in any form!
 Chocolate Pop-Tarts!  Everything in me wants to hide these and eat them all myself after the girls go to school.  I love them.  A lot.  I’m also super excited about making Funfetti Whoopie Pies!  What could be more fun than that?!!
 There was SO much in here!  Someone asked me last night what was inside (because I had talked about this  box coming for so long), and I told her that WalMart was inside.  The whole store.  🙂
 Hot chocolate and pudding!  Wonder what would happen if I mixed them??  I don’t think I will try it…I’d hate to mess up goodness.
 There was a bottle of Liquid Smoke in that bubble wrap (thankfully wrapped really well) so we can pretend we have a smoker to smoke our meats when really it is just a cheater smoke.  Well, it leaked.  It didn’t bust or crack or anything, just leaked a bit.  It also didn’t ruin anything else, but it sure looked funny!  
 I’m not sure Faith has ever had Nutter Butter cookies before, and I really wanted her to turn her nose up at them so I could eat them all, but she fell in love.  She asked if we could get more because they were inhaled eaten so quickly.  Cam and I may have stolen a few when she wasn’t looking, and she came and said, “I don’t know what happened, but my cookies are all gone!”  Oh my.  We laughed SO hard.  Seriously, we did NOT eat all her cookies.  She was shoving them by the handful.  She really, really, liked them!
 Would you look at that?!  It makes me want to spend days in the kitchen.  Days with a list of new recipes and hot coffee and praise music.  Ahhhhh…maybe I should call in sick tomorrow…
Ellie can’t be serious, so Faith had to join in by making fun of Ellie’s goofiness.  I love my girls.  And I love Cam’s grandma who shopped like crazy and spent lots of energy, time, and money to send us a box full of love.  Thank you, Mush!!!

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