Bring it like Bingham

We got a one-of-a-kind box yesterday.  It had instructions.  Yes, you read that right.  INSTRUCTIONS.  And my aunt made me do something that made moving to China seem like cake.  Ha!  This box was huge!  It was packed with 40 wrapped gifts plus a whole load of stuff underneath unwrapped.  All five of us got a gift for 8 different holidays.  But, before we could open the gift, we had to sing a song for that holiday.  So, using the song-writing abilities that we were not blessed with, the girls and I jumped in with both feet.  I videoed (of course) while the girls sang.  It was SO much fun!  When it was all sang and unwrapped, the pile on the floor (which I failed to capture) was bigger than it was on Christmas…
 ohhhh….we were so excited!
The girls got some new clothes.  Faith is rocking her lime shirt with leopard jeans (that she already had on from school that day) and Ellie is showing off her blinged up booty.  Ha!  And I need a tan.  Badly.
 Their creative juices get to flow with these cool make-your-own-design flipflops.  They each got two pair and enough jewels and fluffy things for far more!  haha.  Ellie was thrilled with something…I’m not sure what exactly, but her crazy came out with all the presents.
 Ellie really likes these shorts.  And I like my hand soap so much that my elbow made a right angle with my body.  Neat.
 Cam and I both got flipflops…which is awesome because our feet are too big to buy them here, and they will be so nice to have as indoor shoes!
 Too cool for you.  And ducks.  Rubber ducks that is.  That girl and her ducks are like oreos and ice cream…they just fit.  Speaking of Oreos, we got some MEGA STUFF ones!  Cam and I decided we aren’t sharing them…
 I cut Ellie out of the picture with the new shirts, but I figured you can see her shirt in all the other pictures because she put it on over her school shirt 🙂
I was super excited about my flipflop slipper socks.  And I must have squealed or something because I have a good number of pictures where Cam is smiling at me, smiling at my new socks, instead of opening his present.

 Magazines!!  Maybe this will help make my home better.  Or at least cost Cam money when I try 😉  Again, I am struck by how badly I need sun.
 A picture really doesn’t do it justice.  There was beyond a lot of stuff in here…we were even loaded up on medicine and probiotics!  Nanny and Mikey sure outdid themselves…
And because, in my favor, Blogger doesn’t want to let me upload a video, you have to actually make an effort to click on this little link to see all of our songs and the grand finale rap that Cam and I star in.  My feelings will not be hurt it you skip this part.  Really.  I will gladly post the words for you so you can skip the embarrassing evidence…
I have this aunt…her name is Nanny
And Uncle Mikey…Yo! He likes her fanny

She sent this box…full of stuff
It helps make life…not so rough

Christmas, New Years, Valentines too
Saint Patty, Uncle Sam, Easter, and Salute
and let’s not forget Happy Birthday to YOU!

We love our aunt…and uncle so much
Just wish they were here…close enough to touch

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