Zumba. Or something.

I have been trying to be more diligent about exercising, so I have been staying in during lunch and doing a workout video (Jillian Michaels, if you are curious.  She’s brutal.).  However, before we came, I purchased a Zumba Wii workout thinking that it would be so much fun to do.  Umm.  Yeah.  Let’s just hope my neighbors do not have binoculars because they literally may have died from laughing at me.  I’ve only done Zumba once, and it was with a group of mostly older women, so we all were laughing and just doing our best.  When you do it alone, and there is no one to laugh at with, it is quite depressing!  I realized that I have absolutely no coordination when it comes to following dance moves…not that that should come as surprise, considering my Mom and I almost got kicked out of aerobics because of our inability to be serious (because we couldn’t do it!!).  You don’t want to know what happened when we tried yoga…

Anyway, about midway through, sweating like I’d run a marathon, I decided to just stop trying to mimic their moves and do my own thing.  It was…interesting.  And let’s just say that I am SO glad no one was home to witness it…


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