Chronicles of China

Chapter One


My eyes felt like sand was lodged between my eyelid and the soft, smooth part of my eye.  Gritty. Every nerve in my body was screaming to go back to bed, as though I hadn’t left its warm comfort just an hour ago from a long, deep, night’s sleep. As I slowly blinked, trying to make moisture to wash away the roughness, I saw my husband coming near and felt his arms wrap around me. I laid my head on his chest, burrowing into his solid warmth, never wanting to leave, while I mumbled,

“I don’t wanna have class.  Can’t we just cancel?”  

But I knew the answer, and he didn’t even need to offer a reply.  This is what we do.  We study; we learn; we listen. It’s for a higher purpose, but at that moment, I didn’t care.  I heard myself  say, with a catch in my voice and a knot in my throat,

“Can we cancel if I cry?”

The rumbling, loud belly laugh that made my whole body shake broke the moment of sweetness forever, and I realized he didn’t think I was serious…

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