Friends and Sleepovers

We have only had three sleepovers since moving to China.  The first one, we lost power right before dinner, and it didn’t come back on until our guest left the next afternoon.  The second one, we had an earthquake.  We were a little hesitant to have a third…

This is the same brave little girl that slept over the first sleepover (did I mention that the first one didn’t end well??)  They made Ellie some bandages out of leaves, and helped her hobble around in fun almost the entire evening!  She is Faith’s best friend, and she is moving the day school lets out.  This was the last opportunity for them to have a sleepover, so, of course, we did.  And, more than once, I was teary eyed at the thought of Faith having to say another goodbye.
Faith, Emily, and Ellie all made their own pizza masterpieces.  Emily is the only person I have ever known to put corn on her pizza…
What is more fun than pizza and a movie on a Friday night?!
Although she is out of focus, her radiant smile is still so evident.  I love to see my girls happy like this.
Happy little twins when they found the matching long nightgowns.  They also matched their clothing colors the next day…I remember the days when me and my best friend wanted to be all matchy-matchy at school.  It’s what memories are made of.
This little girl made all the difference for Faith when we first moved here.  A few days after school started for them, I remember holding Faith as she cried, telling me she didn’t want to go to school.  That she didn’t have any friends.  That she had to sit all alone at the school lunch table.  As I cried my eyes out and sent up pleas, He was already answering.  He had a plan in place, and her name was Emily.  She took Faith by the hand and “mothered” her at school.  Faith’s wonderful teacher let them sit together because she said that Emily would take care of Faith.  And she did.  We saw a new, happy Faith emerge who went on and on about her new friend that she loved.  I am so thankful for this friendship, and so sad that it is coming to an end before it ever really got to start.

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