Little Park. Big Candy.

Please excuse the overexposed pictures.  My fault.  Last Saturday we decided to go to a new park in hopes of finding greatness.  It was also Chloe’s birthday, and we always release balloons, so we were on a quest for those too (sadly, we had to miss this tradition, which messed me up on so many levels, but that is a post no one wants to read.  Really.)  We got lost a few times, and never found greatness, but we did have a nice afternoon sweating spending time together.
This was, to me, so funny.  We walked into this park and Cameron immediately wanted to go see the map.  The entire map is written in characters.  There were no symbols or pictures or anything that we could comprehend, yet he stood there and stared at it for what seemed like forever.  I just grinned, thinking he was probably using his mad man skills to decipher meaning from this.  He really amazes me with his directional abilities.  I am so thankful because I get lost frequently in places that I should know…
This was a great bridge over shark-infested…grass.  I wonder if there used to be water there??
It’s just her back.  But her back makes me see how much she is growing.  How her hair is getting long and how she just isn’t a baby anymore.  Sad.
Pellet Guns!!  Woohoo!  They were aiming at balloons, and Gracie was our sharpshooter.  I love that Cameron took the time to teach them how to line up their scopes and all that technical stuff.  I would have handed them the gun and said, “Have fun!!  Hit them all!!”  And this is why no one will take me hunting…
Gracie was extremely focused.  She was maximizing her potential to earn great prizes, seeing visions of really cool Chinese trinkets I’m sure.  Sadly, there were no prizes for this game.  Not that we didn’t stand around waiting for the lady to offer prizes to us…
That doesn’t look comfortable at all.
They had this porcelain junk set up on the ground (they weren’t even concerned that it would get chipped or broken when it was hit), and the goal was to throw this little plastic ring over something.  Or it could land leaning against a trinket, and you would get that.  It was near impossible to win.
Faith was excited to play this game.  She played three times I think and didn’t win anything.  She was definitely the most deserving.  She is patient and waits her turn, and is just so thoughtful.  It shows in all she does, even silly carnival games.
Gracie ringed a small glass bird.  The size of a quarter.  I don’t think she was thrilled with it though, because she had her eye on this adorable little blue bird.  It was precious, and if she would have won it, I am sure I would have stolen it.  Positive actually.  She used almost all her rings trying to capture that one little bird that was not destined to live in a cage.
Ellie won a donkey and promptly broke its ear off.  I threw it away a few days later because I could see her cutting herself in some way with it, and I don’t know, something about that just scares me.
See the little blue bird laying on its side as though dead?  Do you also see the man trying to ring it after Gracie spent all her time trying to do so.  It was so funny.  He stepped over and started throwing, and Gracie immediately came over and got right up on him.  I chose to believe that had he won it, he would have handed it to Gracie with a smile because any of the crowd that kept growing could see how badly she wanted it.  He didn’t win either though…
There was a cotton candy lady at this park, and of course, no self respecting mama passes up cotton candy!
When I saw this, we did almost pass.  *shudder*  That brown ring is cardboard…
Can you see how large this is growing?!!  It was enough for all of us, but we still had two more coming!

Not only did Ellie eat hers, but Faith decided it was too sweet, so Ellie consumed that one too.
Faith’s was seriously HUGE.
This is a photographer’s nightmare photo.  But I am not a photographer, and I like it, so you have to see it.
That man…the cute one in the long shorts…I love him.  He loves fishing (of course he loves me too).  These people were fishing off this high wall, and Cam couldn’t resist to pull to watch.
Hot and sweaty, ready to go home.
It’s those fishermen again.  I don’t give Cam too long before he is out there teaching them a thing or two.


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