Tupperware Memories and Babies

I know I am child of the Eighties when I have these flashbacks of homemade popsicles in Tupperware popsicle maker thingies.  They had these little holes in the stick that I could suction my tongue to, and there wasn’t anything more satisfying on a hot, Texas summer day than those popsicles my mama made me.
I don’t have the fun Tupperware things (I did, but they didn’t make it to this country.  What a sad, sad oversight), so we improvised with paper cups and huge straws.  I had this craving for a Fudgesicle, and since those don’t exist here, I thought I would make my girls some homemade ones.  I mean, I did have a stash of pudding that some sweet, sweet person sent me.
I don’t think I will ever understand how she gets a ring of chocolate an inch around her entire mouth every time she eats the decadent, coffee colored goodness that we crave…
What a lady to eat hers with a bowl.  Really, I blame her mother.  I mean, the lady who loves cupcakes so much *gasp* eats them with a spoon.  It must be my fault.  I’m sure of it.
I don’t think I achieved rock star status like my mom did when she made me chocolate popsicles, but they still enjoyed them.  I think.
Did I mention that our hot water heater went out Monday night?  During showers?  It did.  I was trying to pretend that my baby is still a baby, but her legs were freakishly long and wouldn’t fit in the sink.  So sad.  I should really face the fact that my baby is about to graduate from Kindergarten.  Tuesday.  I don’t want to talk about it…
I told her to cover up, and she sat straight up and did this.  I love this kid so much.  She is a blast to be around and is always doing something to surprise the socks of you.  And look at those abs!  Anyone who can eat chocolate the ways she devours it and still have a belly like that is my hero.  I adore her.
I took a picture of Gracie in the big pink bowl bucket, but she threatened me, so I can’t post it.  I am saving it.  I know it will come in handy someday…
Our hot water heater got fixed/replaced today.  Thursday.  I am so happy that I don’t have to heat water for each of us!  It is interesting when you don’t have a bathtub and have to do that.  Made bath time something to dread.  And also shower time.  That water is COLD.  I mean, imagine melting ice and dumping it on your back.  Brrrr.  I almost cried.  Oh wait.  I am pretty sure I did cry.  Or maybe I screamed like a monkey being chased by a lion wielding a hot branding iron.  Yeah.  That was it.

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