Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello First Grade!!

 Ellie had her Kindergarten graduation today.  It was a first for our family, and such a sweet time.  I held back my tears (aren’t you proud?!!) and smiled as I watched her sing her songs and interact with a group of friends that I didn’t even know.  It was great to meet the moms of her classmates and get some new phone numbers and promises of summer playdates.  Ellie has some special relationships that she began this year!
The music started, and they all patiently waited for the beat that told them to turn around…
  “Kindergarten’s in the house tonight, everybody’s gonna have a good time”
 Looking super rad in the plastic shades, doing a little shimmy of the hips…

 Ellie’s favorite Chinese song was sung in parts…they were watching their classmates sing their part of the song.
 Something about a little dog…my Chinese isn’t all that great…

 Obviously the little girl in the front was about done with this song…
 Ellie loves to sing and you could really see her face light up when she got to!
 Love that smile.
 Let me just say, this was not how I envisioned her hair for her first graduation.  She was insistent on wearing her new blingy hair comb, so she did her bun all by herself when it fell down at school.
 Her teacher made all the students a little memory book, and Ellie was thrilled to get a gift from her favorite person at school!

 The whole class.
 Proud Mama with Ellie and her memory book
 Cupcakes!  Because what celebration is complete without cupcakes?!
 This took my breath away a little bit.  To think of my baby graduating high school in a year that seemed light years away when I was in high school is simply terrifying.  I wanted to erase those numbers!
 She loves her daddy

She had the best teachers!  They loved her, taught her, made her laugh, and helped her truly enjoy school.  I am so thankful for these two women!

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