Frog Catching Alley

Last week, or maybe the week before, we went with some friends to catch frogs, because, well, that is what little country girls like to do!
I really wish I could have gotten the screams of delight and squeals of terror for you to hear…
Apparently, the local women are afraid of frogs.  That lady in the red shirt screamed and took off running.  It was seriously hilarious!
Ellie really enjoyed the frog catching this time.  She has always liked them, but she didn’t want to let go this time!  I think she seems a bit mischievous like maybe she wants to do him harm…
We had this thin little box to hold them in, so every time they added a little jumper, the others did their best to escape and the screams and jumps and squeals commenced once again.
Kiss him!!  Kiss him!!!
She just looks so pretty and dainty, holding the little frog like she was at a tea party.
A frog?  A toad?  Hmmm…
She may be pinching him.  Or pulling his legs out.  At one point, I was a little concerned she may have killed him…

Frog Races!!!!
Ready, Set, GO!!
The idea was for them to use a stick to gently nudge them in the kind direction…however, they may have gotten a little out of hand and hit them instead.  The sticks were quickly thrown back into the bushes.  I just know the poor little frogs were wishing with all their might that we would leave.
Here’s a secret.  Gracie cheats.  And even with her cheating and moving her frog ahead under the guise of getting him back on the right path, her frog lost.  Her competitiveness does not come from me…
Faith has always been our resident frog catcher…I remember at a youth party one time, she was catching them like nobody’s business and some may have ended up in the house…but I still don’t think she purposefully did that…Anyway, this time, she wouldn’t touch them!!  She was so…so…girly.  I’m afraid she is losing her country and gaining some city…we will have to remedy that this summer.  😉
“Come on Sister.  One little touch”  
Here.  Maybe I will scare you with it instead.  Chicken!!  

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