Loflin Love

There are people in our lives that we are blessed just to know.  There are also people in our lives that we get to love, and it changes us forever.
 The girls were so excited to see a box from some of their favorite boys!  They were chatty and giggly and couldn’t wait to get it open!  I think they may have thought Clint and Chad were stuffed inside…
 Smencils!!  Oh the joy in a pencil.  And funny thing is that the girls are always needing pencils because theirs mysteriously disappear or something.  Perhaps we can use our noses to find these lovely pencils when they go missing.
 Gracie was so excited to see letters!! We all were.  I love letters, and we actually mailed some letters back to the states last week!  We are hopeful that they make it (we were told not to expect them to ever reach their destination).  If it works, then we will get to start writing back to all the people who send letters…this makes me a happy mama that the girls will learn the wonderfulness of actual letter writing.
 Mercy Watson.  These are Faith’s favorite books…in fact, these are the first books she ever fell in love with and couldn’t put down.  She hasn’t read them all (we can’t get them here and the friend who loaned us a few didn’t have them all), but I really attribute these books to the beginning of what I hope is her lifelong love of reading.
 It’s the Youth Dinner Theater on dvd!!!!!  Oh my.  We were so excited to get to watch it!! And smelly markers.  The best kind.  And muffins.  And jewelry.  And everything owls!  🙂
 The girls got these hairbows with their initials on them, and Ellie was the most excited about this!  The day we received this box, we had a dinner thing that evening, so the girls had to take early showers before dinner (we knew we would be home later than usual).  Ellie insisted on wearing her bow to dinner.  The next day was a huge May Fair at school, and they had to wear their red school shirts.  Ellie wore her pink bow with pride.
I love Oreos.  We all know that.  For some reason, at this time in history, I was elated to see the yummy, creamy yet crunchy goodness.  In fact, while the girls were in the shower before dinner, I hid in the kitchen and ate a few with a glass of milk.  Ahhhhh.  Wonderful.
 This made me smile so big.  I love aprons.  I love owls and pearls.   I love to bake.  I love Cam in an apron.  It was just happy all the way around!
 Ellie’s love language may be rubber ducks…She has a family of them growing here since she had to leave her big family behind when we moved.  The only one that made it to China with us was a Statue of Liberty duck with an awesome signature from Clint on the bottom.  We only had half an hour before dinner, but she had to get started creating her ducky masterpiece right away!
 They started the Intro to the Youth Dinner Theater in that same half an hour…The girls were cheesing it up like crazy watching Clint’s message to us.  It was so…so…great? how when Cam and I heard the sound of his voice, we both immediately gravitated toward the living room to watch in complete rapture with the girls.  We laughed and smiled and felt so much joy in that short 15 minutes…
 Ellie got a bit on her clean face, but was still multitasking, watching the Intro and painting her duck.
Faith laughed so hard!  She is the most enamored by Clint.  I am secretly praying that someday when he is much older (and so is Faith) that their paths will cross and the 10 years between them won’t seem like so much.  Then they can marry and be happy forever.  Ha!
We actually had a chance to finally watch the actual Theater show last night.  We took it to Hong Kong with us in hopes of watching it on our little getaway, but the player was broken, and we didn’t have our computers with us.  It about killed the girls to wait that long!  The show was fabulous as usual, because the youth at LPBC are so extremely talented and awesome!  We loved getting to be part of that from way over here.  Thank you so very much for sending us love!

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