A little bit of beach is all I need

We had to leave the country again for our visas, so we made a weekend getaway trip to the beach in Hong Kong!  It came at a time where burnout was imminent, so we are very thankful.
We stayed at this cottage for “people like us” that was seriously straight up a hill.  Or a mountain.  The humidity was off the charts and pulling a suitcase while toting a backpack left us dripping with sweat and panting for air.  I thought we would never make it up the hill, and when we finally did, we entered a building that may have been hotter than outside…
It was like a jungle in the midst of a beach and mountains.  The locusts were deafeningly loud (seriously the loudest insect I’ve ever heard) and ridiculously huge.  We could look up at the trees and see what appeared to be rain falling down, but it was some sort of excretion from the locusts.  *gross*  Gracie said she couldn’t imagine the Egyptians having to live through the locust plague…
After we dropped our things off and had dinner (provided by the lodge), we went to see the beach.  While we were there, the emergency helicopter landed on the helipad right next to us!  It was also deafeningly loud…but very neat to see so close!
The beach was beautiful, surrounded by lush, green mountains.
She really wanted to get in!
The couldn’t resist the pull of the waves and went to get their feet wet, eagerly anticipating the next day when they could swim.
I hope they are always best friends.
Most cities here come alive at night, but, sadly, this city basically shut down at dark.  We got to see a few “beachy” shops with the usual swim coverups and touristy things (with a Chinese flair of course!)
Our day started at 5 am Saturday.  We left the house at 5:30 to catch a 2 hour flight to Shenzhen, then we had an hour train ride (with a few changeovers) into Hong Kong, then customs, then another hour train ride to the ferry, then a 40 minute ferry ride, then the hike up the sweaty mountain.  Needless to say, we were exhausted.  This picture is actually on Monday, on the return ferry ride.  The skyline is Hong Kong.
My sunburned babies enjoyed watching the city get closer.
 Finally they got to swim!
 and splash!
 And enjoy iced cold glass bottle cokes (notice the helipad directly next to the restaurant.  We only thought it was loud the night before.  WOW!)
 The people behind us were speaking English with a strong British accent…and they were Chinese.  It kind of messed with our ears a bit…
 She just looks like sunshine!
 Gracie is to the point where pictures embarrass her…she was laughing because her hair was a knotted mess and I was capturing it…
 mmmm.  Coke.
 Burgers.  Fried fish.  The BEST french fries I have had in 6 months.
 Faith had a BLT and part of my burger.  That girl can eat!
 It was soooo good!

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure…the men in Speedos.  I thought it was hilarious that the one was laying on the sand with his hands thrown above his head…that sand was HOT.  And rough…so very rough…


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