CDIS May Fair

The girls school (Chengdu International School or CDIS) held a huge May Fair last Friday.  Their school is changing campuses next year due to rapid growth, so this was a kick off of sorts on the new campus.  The girls got to ride a bus from their current campus to the new one and perform a few songs for all the onlookers.  There were booths galore, ranging from food (bratwursts and burgers!  WOOHOO!!) to pets and purses.  There was also a raffle drawing to raise money, so we decided to buy 5 tickets for $15 and put them in the bucket for a few items.  We ended up winning on THREE of our tickets!!  We won 5 tickets to an amusement park, 5 tickets to a water park, and I won 2 yoga outfits and a month of yoga classes.  It was a crazy awesome haul!  Ha!
 Ellie waiting to sing
 You can see her pink bow peeking out in this picture…
 They were supposed to turn around and walk around or something, but Ellie just stood still and smiled.
She looks a little nervous to me…
Faith was ready to sing…she has been practicing at home for weeks now.  She loves to sing!
  Belting it out!!!!
 Gracie always appears to be so shy and timid.
But she really loves to sing as well, and especially loves the Do Re Me song they got to sing.

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