Just a little love in my mail

There are few clubs who rounded up people who love us to send us a package every month.  It is so exciting to receive them, and we really never know what we may find inside…
 Gracie got to man the razor blade for the first time.  It was slow going, and I really wanted to take over, but she managed to get it open while keeping all her fingers in tact!
 a cake pan!  Chevron fabric!  hair ties!  a Poster of love!  Oh the joys!!
 Medicine…who would have ever thought we would be excited to see medicine…
 I just see smiles.  Lots and lots of smiles.
 Little Miss got a letter from her Wyatt.
 She is so serious as she reads her letter!
 Gracie had a moment here…she saw Shyne’s name on her card and for an instant thought that Shyne wrote it…Shyne is about to be 2…it was written in cursive-ish handwriting…
 Do you see it?  A-1!!!!  I smothered my chicken with it later that evening.  And Faith got a skirt with owls that she loves!  And, well, there was a lot packed in there.  I got this bracelet from my Jay that made me cry…every year she gets me a present for Chloe’s birthday…this one was really special.  Something about seeing Chloe’s name stamped onto metal along with mine and Jay’s…I don’t know.  It just moved me.  I love it!
 And this is from an Awana group from a club that will always have a piece of my heart.  I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful, and I may have cried when I opened this too…


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