Just like that. Done.

So many new things this year, and this new thing called international school came to an end on Friday. I never thought I would actually feel good about sending my girls to school, but they really loved going, and they had the best teachers!    They thrived there and were sad to see it end for the summer, but good things are coming, so it wasn’t too sad.  Besides, in just a few months, they will get to go back to a new campus as a 6th grader (middle schooler!!  ack!!), 3rd grader, and 1st grader.  Their daddy must be getting old!
 Because it is an excuse to be crafty, I made little gifts for their teachers.  They each had two teachers (one American and one Chinese), plus another Chinese teacher who taught them language (just Faith and Gracie have this teacher).  The girls wrote letters to all their teachers while I baked cookies for the jars.  It was all tied together with a Vera Bradley lanyard, which I scored on the Chinese version of Ebay for less than $2!
 It’s not that they aren’t awesome and great teachers, but I got tired, so the other two Chinese teachers only got lanyards and notes (they are in a different department and will never know!)
 I found some clear contact paper (actually I think it may be embossed with bamboo…) to “laminate” their little tags so they wouldn’t rip when I clipped them to the lanyard.
I love letters, and I am hoping their teachers do too!  Faith wrote her teacher letters regularly, but I loved this.  Faith had a hard time figuring out what to say, so I told her to say that she was her favorite teacher.  Faith replied to me, “But that isn’t true.  YOU are my favorite teacher”.  This week, Faith is my favorite child.

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