Unexpected Breaks

We had an unexpected day off on Wednesday…were told to get out of the house and have fun.  It was actually Dragon Boat Festival Day, which is a 3 day holiday here, so we wanted to go see the Dragon Boat Races.  Imagine our surprise when we were told that the races were held early, 2 weeks ago.  Ha! That is just so typical of how things work out here.  
 We decided to go to a park that we pass, and have heard about, but haven’t actually visited.  It was such a fun time!  There were alleys of treasures to be found in this park, and I cannot wait to go back and look again!!  This was some weird photo-op spot with misting water, that we couldn’t pass up.  Of course, they had wet feet afterward, but hey, what’s a little water?!
 This little arcade game was empty when Cam and the girls sat down.  I went across the alley to look at a silk shop, and when I returned, there were SO MANY PEOPLE crowding around them that I had to push my way in.  It was like we were in a zoo exhibit all over again…
 What park is complete without cotton candy?  And do you see that Gap bag?!!!  We went to a mall with a Subway and a Gap.  Ohhh…it was wonderful!
 Gracie would have loved this mermaid, and we thought it was pretty cool that they painted on skins like this…it looked like a chalk painting at first glance.
 Faith said she couldn’t eat it because every time she tried, the cotton candy disappeared and turned wet.  Ummm…yes.  That is what it does.  I’m not sure where she was the other fifty times she has had cotton candy.
 If you look closely, you can see the look Ellie is giving us.  We told them to look up and smile, and when they did, the crowd (every time we stop, a crowd appeared) busted out laughing.  Ellie’s face was a MESS!  I think she growled (weird stage she is in) when we laughed…
 I wish Cam would have turned around and taken a picture of all the people taking pictures of us.  I don’t get it.  Why would you want pictures of people you don’t know?!
 I felt a little bad for the girls because when we told them we were going to a park, they thought we meant a park that actually had toys (like American parks).  Parks here are more scenic, and I’m sure we can only mislead them a few more times until they catch on to our game…
 I thought that since everyone always asks if they can take our picture, we could do the same.  So, we asked this girl if we could take a picture with her.  She seems thrilled doesn’t she.  Sheesh.  I think she had paid to get dressed up and have her picture taken at this little booth thingy, and I’m sure she didn’t appreciate all the people that followed us watching the picture taking while giggling at the situation.  But she is so pretty!!
 The tree looked so neat that I just had to have a picture, but then they were playing and being so them that the picture I liked best didn’t have the cool part of the tree.  I love that they play and hold hands and want to be together.
 This looks like an elevated stage…I want to go back and see a show!!
 And then, in the midst of a fun day off, you run into this, and the smile drops off your face and your heart drops down into your shoes and you are faced with the reality that these people who are so nice to us will die without ever knowing Him.  They worship some god that requires notes in silk bags hanging from trees.  It is then that the tedious hours of language learning start to make sense.  That it all starts to make sense…
 We have to tell them.
 And our last stop of the park time was at this little booth selling what they claimed were traditional Chinese toys.  The girls got climbing monkeys. I think they were a rip off, but their smiles and joy in the cab ride home was worth the money…
Would you believe me if I told you this booth was empty when we walked up.  It was.  They should really think about giving us a discount for bringing them so much business.  Ha!

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