Cereal Mamas strike again!!

Do you know the greatness of Cheerios?  I mean, do you really know?  Unless you live in a world where you can hardly find them (and when you do find them, chances are they will be outdated or priced as though they were dusted with gold), I don’t think you can truly appreciate the cholesterol reducing, whole grain, O’s.  And PopTarts totally balance out the healthiness of Cheerios with sugary yumminess for those mornings with you either get a high carb jumpstart or else you fall asleep while your teacher is talking.  Not that I have ever done that.  Well, except that one time when the lesson turned to baseball and I curled up on the couch leaving a puddle of drool on my Vera Bradley pillow…

 Check out the tan-line Ellie is sporting…sure wish I had a little of her tanning ability!
 Cheerios!  And notice how Ellie has the wrapping securely positioned over her arm…
 Gracie trying to decipher Ms. Shirley’s handwriting.  Ha!  Our favorite game 😉
 I think her love language may be words…she loves words written to her and takes them so seriously!
 Hers had a pretty picture…
 Even Cam got a card!!  Notice the athletic attire…he just came from a baseball game he played in…ask him how sore he was a few days later…
Breakfast is ready!!  So is snack time and dinner time…
The girls got opera masks at the fun new market alley we went to, in case you are wondering what in the world Ellie is doing.  Really, we have learned to just not ask anymore.  She is full of surprises and you just never know what will happen with that girl.  I will say, it is quite frightening to turn for a goodnight kiss and have that glittered mess in your mess!!

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