Mama’s here!!!

 The long awaited day has arrived!  Mama is finally on our side of the world, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Well, except maybe if Dad was walking out next to her…
 The girls made a sign welcoming her to China, and now, lots of people have pictures of my girls holding their sign…you would have thought they were superstars.  I mean, they are to me, of course, but other people were totally acting like it today.
 There she is!!!!!  Do you see me racing to get to her.  I threatened to knock my children over if they tried to get the first hug.  They knew I meant it.
 Ohhhhh.  And then there were tears…
 I think I wouldn’t have let go if it weren’t for impatient children wanting some love too.
 My face almost broke because my smile was so big.
 Then it got bigger when I saw my babies hugging their grandma.
 I am pretty sure we weren’t really supposed to live on opposite sides of the world.  I’ll have to pray them over here.
 Faith is finally getting her turn.  
 and what a turn it was!
 See that?  Yeah.  I couldn’t see it either.  But this represents pure joy.
 Sheer bliss.  I am so happy to see Mama and spend the next 6 weeks loving on her!
And then I hear, “Escuse me.  Can I take photo.  You.”  So the moment was over and we stopped to pose with this woman so she could have a picture of the tall white lady with all her little children. I don’t think I will ever understand this…

2 thoughts on “Mama’s here!!!

  1. We're happy your mom is there with you guys! Susan is in tears right now seeing your pics. Next time you should carry a sharpie and ask that girl, "Do you want my autograph too?" 🙂


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