Slippery Rain 5k

We had a full day on Wednesday, with a meeting that went until almost 6, so we decided to head to Pizza Hut for dinner, which we haven’t done in months despite persistent begging.  There is something to be said about never giving up!  We had a great meal with only one order of pizzas messed up due to language barriers (HA!), but as we were paying, the heavens opened up and a great wall of rain came pouring down.
What’s a family supposed to do without a vehicle or an umbrella except run home in said wall of rain?  So, we counted it off and took off as fast as we could in slippery, wet flip flops on uneven ground.  It wasn’t very far, just a couple blocks if I was measuring in blocks…but when you haven’t jogged in…well…forever, and it is raining so hard you can’t see, or was that laughing so hard??  It seemed like 13 miles.
 We were soaked through to the bone.  We made squishy sounds when we walked.  We filled the elevator with water.  We laughed so hard and so loudly, we could probably be heard back in Texas.

 He obviously was thrilled with my picture taking.  It is moments like this that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours, and the only way to get through it, is to take off running, embracing the moments, all the moments, even the bad ones.  Because you know what?  A hot shower and a steaming latte is just around the corner.


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