Immersion Trip

Cam and I went on a little two night trip (leaving my mom alone at home with the girls…what a great child I am.  ha!) to a little town outside our big city.  We were pr@yer walking and just generally scoping out the place to see how we can “work” there.  We really had a great time away, being refreshed with the little break in our routine, and getting to spend some time together, just us.
 We walked around for hours, and as we passed this little place, we noticed a grill in the center of the table, so we were looking and trying to figure out exactly what it was.  The lady pulled us in and sat us down, and pretty much just started serving us.  Turns out it was Korean BBQ, and we got to order out meats and veggies and cook them ourselves on our table.  It was super fun (or funny) and tasted great!  Then, about halfway through our time here, I looked up and saw it.  An idol in an honored place above the restaurant complete with lit incense and fruit and drink offerings.  It really made me look differently at the ladies and see them in a light that broke my heart…

 I felt a little like a character from a sci-fi movie.
 Seriously, how can you not laugh at this!?
 We went to our first movie in China…Superman in 3D.  It was a very different experience!  We bought our tickets and had to choose our seats then…they are numbered, and apparently all the smart people bought tickets early because the good seats weren’t available.  When we went to get our glasses, there was a shocking $15 (US money!) deposit for the glasses, and the glasses were HUGE.  The theater didn’t have air conditioning and the Chinese people talk the entire movie.  It definitely wasn’t what we were used to, but it was a good experience nonetheless.
 Then we went to a temple.  And the reality of this country and the people we walk by everyday hit us full in the face.  They don’t know the Truth.  They worship big stone statues and give it honor and praise while having no clue that there is a Father who loves them and who knows each of their names.
 This is where they put big sticks of smelly incense.  There wasn’t any out when we were there, but the feeling was heavy and dark and just plain sad.
You can take the pizza-loving American out of the land we love, but you can’t take our love of air conditioning and pizza out of the American.  We found pizza, and it was sooooo good.  And the air was cold and great.  It’s the little things, y’all.
And that sums up our trip and life here.  In the midst of the normal stuff, you catch of glimpse of darkness that brings you back to the bigger purpose of why we live here.  Now if we could just learn this language…

One thought on “Immersion Trip

  1. Love this post, Stephanie and can so relate to the atmosphere here in Japan. Every once in awhile it smacks me in the face and takes my breath away. We have the restaurants with the grills in the table here – yakiniku – and we are going to miss them. I'm so happy you were able to get away with Cam while your Mom is in country. Michael came in the other day and said, "Where do you want to go for our 30th?" Being able to leave and know our kids are in good hands is one thing we are looking forward to over the next two years in CA.


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