Let Freedom Ring!

The 4th of July never fails to bring Martina McBride’s voice to my head and my lips “Let Freedom Ring, let the white dove sing…”and on and on.  I sang it all day.  Ha!  I sang as I made all these little projects, well, when I wasn’t flooding my mind with Chinese lessons that is.
We invited a big bunch of American over for traditional American food…you know.  Hot dogs on the grill and Velveeta cheese dip.  The yummy stuff.
I thought it would be fun to have the house decked out in red, white, and blue, so Mom and I headed to the “little bookstore that has it all” for anything and everything patriotic.
Red, White, and Blue poster board was a must, and made a fine looking banner across the room.
This is maybe a lithe random and a lot dark, but if you squint you can see the pretty wreath I made (not for the 4th, but just because the wall needed something) and the little fan thing decorating my sweet smelling flowers to greet people as they came in.
My colorful coffee bar also needed to be patriotic.
The flower market cooperated with red gerber daisies…oh how I love daisies!
This little fan was to perch on the tv.  Like a bird, only not a bird, a fan. 🙂
And poppers for all the kids!!  We either use an abnormally large amount of toilet paper or the toilet paper rolls hold much less than they do in America because we have an abundance of little cardboard rolls.  And like any good Pinterest mama, I save them all.  You never know when you will need them, and today we used them for poppers full of little trinkets and candy.  
Recognize the star from above?  It turned into a door sign.  And notice the crafty little doily that I used for the center of all the decorations.  You use what you have is my motto.  haha!
The 4th has always been a day that we spend hanging out with people we love and just having fun.  It seems like we are usually in Colorado camping over the 4th, so my grandparents are usually a part of our day, and today I missed them.  I missed my family, and I was so happy to have my mom and to have other friends willing to come over and just be together, celebrating the awesomeness of the country that we don’t live in anymore, but that will always be home to us.  No matter where I live, I will always be proud to be an American!!

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