Bicycle Adventures

You can’t come to China and not check out WalMart…to dispel any notion that it may look like or contain things similar to America.  It really shouldn’t be allowed to display the name WalMart.  Seriously.  So, Saturday, we headed out on the bus (Mom’s first bus ride here!).
 Because mom looks so young, the people had a really hard time believing me when I told them she was my mom.  Then one of the ladies moved, and mom was ushered into her seat.  I think Mom may have been a little nervous…ha!
 Much to the Chinese woman’s delight, I sent Faith to sit on Mom’s lap, to give her company.  The Chinese lady next to Mom started singing to Faith, and didn’t stop until we got off.  Faith sang back to her, and we had our own little American/Chinese Idol.  It was hilarious!
 Our reason for going to WalMart, other than the experience, of course, was to look at bikes.  The girls rode them around the store for a bit, and decided they weren’t exactly what they were looking for.
 I enjoyed the lay down lawn chair while they tested out the bikes though!
 After WalMart, we taxied over to a big sporting goods store and found all sorts of fun stores to explore in!  This picture happens to be McDonalds, because, well, it was 3o’clock and we wanted coffee.  But it was too hot, so we had sodas instead…
 Just ignore the closed eyes and otherwise horrible picture of me and embrace the fact that the 3 of us were on Cam’s scooter…in the street with other crazy drivers…something I said would never happen.  We were on the scout for the perfect bike.  Still.  Since the other bazillion stores didn’t have the perfect two-wheeled vehicle.
 And we found it!!  Cam removed the training wheels for Ellie, because, well, she rides bikes without them.  Although, she really liked having them on there.  Took away the fear of falling I guess.  Haha!  Her bike came with a seat in the back for her dolls and a basket in the front for all her treasures.  She LOVES it!
 Gracie’s bike is beautiful and Faith’s bike is in the form of roller blades.  She had her heart set on skates and opted out of the bike.  She has never roller bladed before, and I’m not sure grabbing the back of the bike was the best idea in the world…but I was sick and upstairs and Mom and Cam were fine with it…
 Look at her go!!
 I really love her bike.  It is just adorable, and I cant wait to help her strap on the babies!
 Faith may be dancing here.  She has done a lot of that lately…and it isn’t very graceful.  I’m sure her dad taught her all her moves…
 Can you see the ornery?  Her favorite phrase is, “but I’m BabyLove!”  She thinks her baby title should entitle her to anything she wants.  Usually it works.  
 This cracked me up when I saw it.  It’s like limp noodle legs.  Good thing Ma was there to catch her!  She had extremely sore legs the next day after all her skating.  Maybe that is the exercise I should partake in!
 A little help is always nice.
 Gracie really wants to soar.  She has gone out a lot by herself to ride around the complex (not entirely alone…she always had one sister with her).  She is the one who wanted a bike the most.
Ahhh…I’m sure Faith’s feet were enjoying the fresh air.  And how fun that Gracie’s bike came with a seat for sister!?!
All in all, the bike hunt was successful, and we have a house of happy girls.  Mom experienced lots of new things and kept a smile on her face.  She endured/enjoyed the stares and mumbo jumbo of strangers as they all tried to communicate with her with grace, never letting her smile falter.  She really has embraced this life over here, never afraid to try something new or jump in with both feet.  I love my mom!!

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