Adventures with Mama

It seems like we have been so busy, but I think all we have really done is just live life.  I love having my mom here to share life with though!!
 Look closely and you will see three little white faces…and the three oldest children on the carousel by about 3 years.  Ha!  There is a whole little carnival set up at the bottom of our complex, and the temptation to play was just too strong!  Unfortunately, the rides and games aren’t exactly affordable, so they just got to do this one (and they are geared for much younger children!)
 DQ is everywhere…except it isn’t like Texas.  There are no chicken strips and french fries or crushed ice.  That just seems so wrong to me!  We can get Blizzards though…well, kind of.  We can get Oreo or some really random flavors like red bean and green tea.  So, really, that means we have one choice.  
 At night, things light up around here.  This is below our complex as well.
 Mom’s first bus ride.  
 I think it may only be fun the first time…
 To get across the street, we had to climb up the mountain of stairs then walk back down them.  The girls run with unlimited amounts of energy while the rest of us puff like a freight train.
 Obviously, I was super excited.  I was sick and had a migraine and I was sweating.  Not a good combo if you want to see my smile…and Cam was looking at maps of something.  So I sat for awhile.
 This place was actually an amusement park, so the entrance had all sorts of fun things to see!  We went to a sporting goods store, and I bought a pool noodle to float around with, but the rain started the next day and we haven’t seen the sun yet (it’s been 7 days!).  I may have to use the noodle to make a wreath if this weather doesn’t allow me to tan!
 They look exactly alike!
 Their hearts are going to break when she leaves.
 This is the view from our friends’ apartment.  They are on the 20th floor, and this is our pool.  Crazy!
 Another view to see just how high we were.
 Family style lunch on Sunday.  If you can’t use the chopsticks, you starve.  
and this is what happens when you ask the kids to take a picture.  We were getting our nails done Sunday afternoon.  The ladies are super nice and attentive to detail.  There was no rushing here!  I got gel nails for $11usd (it lasts for 3-4 weeks!) and our pedicures were about $8 each.  Gracie’s pedicure and Mom’s manicure were a mere $3.50 each!

2 thoughts on “Adventures with Mama

  1. So fun to have your mom visiting. We will miss the pedicures here – and even the funky ice cream flavors. ::snort:: I have learned to always ask before biting into a pastry – is it chocolate or adzuki beans? ::grin:: I was just thinking Sunday we've come a long way with chopsticks. I can remember thinking we'd all starve in Japan. LOL


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