Good Shepherd Love

Love from a whole group of people back home has a way of filling up your heart to levels that are immeasurable.  
Once more,  my children are on the table.  I can’t really say much because today I found myself also on top of the table demonstrating something I am glad no one caught on video…
Faster!  Faster!!  Get it open!
I claimed these PopTarts as my own!  They are oatmeal and strawberry.  I can’t wait to try them!
Necklace making supplies!!  I can guarantee you I know what they will be doing tomorrow…and the timing couldn’t have been better since we have had lots of rain and can’t go outside…
They all got new socks, and if you scroll back up, you will see that Ellie grabbed some and wouldn’t put them down.  In fact, she disappeared for awhile and came back to sit on the table and put them on (she had gone to cut the tags off).
The socks are really awesome.  And my girls LOVE socks!  Ellie has all three pair on at once.  Ha!  And for me, I now have some new Burt’s Bees (just in time…mine is so close to being empty it’s scary) and lots of bug spray/sunscreen.  Again, the timing is so unbelievably good…the mosquitos have come in legions just waiting to eat our flesh and drink our blood.  We are now equipped to win the bug battle!

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