I "mustache" you, "what’s inside?"

You know when the box is taped with mustache packing tape, the inside is gonna be good!  
*take note that two of my children on all the way on the table…
Faith is a child after my own heart.  She understands the joys of sprinkles!!
Mmmmm…Laundry freshener beads.  Put a cap in the Scentsy, and the whole house deceivingly smells like all of your laundry is done!
This box really was for me, and I should have been on the other side of the camera.  The sweet people who sent this to me also love to bake and understand how fun it is to have really cool gadgets to make yummy creations with in the kitchen.  I am set up to make the best looking cookies in East Asia!  And I will get to enjoy said cookies with a decadent cup of coffee in my hand and a sweet smelling man (thanks to the deodorant in this box!) next to me.

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