It’s a Barbie kind of day

My mom discovered Taobao.  Taobao is a bit like Ebay, but there are no auctions…it’s just cheap junk.  Well, because she is “Ma”, and because the girls played the but we left all our Barbie stuff in Texas card, she ordered them loads of Barbie things to fill the Barbie house that she made them.  Can we say SPOLIED?
Because of the vast amount of stuff they ordered, they got this beautiful gown thrown in as a thank you.  
I’m not sure Ellie will be able to contain herself.  
If I would have known Barbie stuff would bring this much joy, I would have done this a long time ago!
The next day, I caught Faith rolling around the living room on this car…
And then, because Barbie accessories are a parent’s assembling nightmare, the girls made it more fun and opened every package and dumped it on the table.  Then they probably mixed it up to make it even harder for my mom to find the right pieces in order to put together all this crap really awesome furniture.  I’m just happy Cam and I weren’t home.  Ha!
I’m sure she was trying to be helpful as she opened all the packages…
It was seriously like Christmas hit the house.  Again.  Mom sure is making big shoes to fill when she goes back to Texas…

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