Another Saturday with Mama

Since we have class all week and Sundays are for napping, Saturdays are the days we go explore.  This week we went to a park with the goal of riding the paddleboats.  But with mine and Cam’s communication not being, well, superb, we quickly realized that we weren’t on the same page as to what park we wanted to go to.  Ha!  Oops.
I’m telling  you, Faith has turned into a poser.  It used to be only Ellie, but not Faith can’t even walk into a room without flailing her arms out and saying something in a voice that just makes you grin.  Or laugh.  At her.
This is for Cam and his love of fishing.  I think he should definitely go fishing in a boat like this!
Look closely and you will see a bride hiding in this picture!  We actually saw quite a few weddings at the park this time!  And some weird opera guys on a photo shoot.  I would have snapped some pictures, but, frankly, they frightened me.
Not sure she could add any more pink to her outfit.
I’m also not sure how I am going to console my babies when Mama leaves…
These statues were HUGE.
For Dad.  She misses him something fierce.  I love the way I get to witness her love for him while she is here.  He is her other half, and she feels his absence with every fiber in her being.  She mentions him and waits with her phone in hand every evening so she can talk to him.  I love that they still love each other this much, 36 years after they said “I do”.
When we first glimpsed this thing, I got all excited thinking that it was stairs in the sky that we were going to get to climb.  Imagine my disappointment when it was only stone.  Ha!  Look closely here too and you can see my awesome neon pants.  I like to glow sometimes 🙂
Things are never dull with Mom around…Ellie was hot, so Mom obliged her by dumping water on her head…then the others wanted an outdoor shower too…
We went to the art alley again and saw the painters in action.  It just amazes me at how talented they are!  I can barely paint a canvas a solid color…
The chained up parrots in the shadows are beautiful creatures with such a limited life.  My heart gets a little sad every time I see them.  It’s so unnatural.   They are missing out on life as it was meant to be for them…and then my mind goes directly to how we do this to ourselves.  We allow sin and our own desires to chain us to the ground, never able to soar into what the Lord has in store for us.  Sometimes, what He has planned feels scary and daunting, and, well, I just don’t think I will like it, so I resist.  I’m in this place right now…knowing what I need to do, but with one hand grasping the chain so tightly my fingers are white and achey.  I don’t want to let go.  I don’t want to get out of this comfortable spot and open myself up to failure, to change.  It’s hard, but we weren’t meant to be in the same spot, unmoving, never experiencing the life He designed for us.

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