Introducing MeiLi!

 It’s no secret that we love dogs…but that we always end up having dogs that are slightly…stupid.  Well, we made the plunge again, with hopes that this time, our puppy will be better behaved.  Ha!  Cam and I took off on the scooter (which has been crazy convenient) to go scope out a pet market.  Our hopes were not high because people here are not truthful about animals.  They like to advertise puppies, then when you get there the dogs are actually 5 times the price they quoted on the phone (speaking from experience here).  And, like the Chinese, we rode across town on the scooter with our new dog 🙂

 When we arrived at the pet market, we actually thought we were in the wrong place.  We didn’t see animals, or a market.  Or anything clean…oh wait.  We live in China.  That’s normal.  I finally went in and asked what looked like a vets office if there were any Bichon Frise puppies around (that sounds much better in English…what I actually said was more like “Bichon.  Small Dog”  Ha!  I am not actually able to speak in complete sentences yet, but the people are so kind and gracious that they pretend to understand.  The nice lady pointed us down the street then actually followed us to help find the owner.
 They brought out 3 little, white, fluffy, Bichon puppies and my heart was immediately gone.  Everything in me wanted one!  We talked to them and played with the puppies and realized they were asking WAY more than we had, so we turned to leave when the guy spit out a much lower price.  We talked some more (nodded and pretended to understand) then called our friend to help translate.  It all appeared good and the price came down to our budget.  
I actually wanted her fat sister more, but dogs here frequently die, so Cam felt it best to get the more lively one in case the lazy one wasn’t actually lazy, but sick.  And lively she is!  We named her MeiLi (Maylee), which means pretty in Chinese.  We wanted something that the local people could say but that still sounded like an American name.  So far, she has proven to be quite smart!  She is almost totally potty trained and is great with the girls.  She sleeps all night (most of the time), and just a joy to be around.

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