Keeping it real

Sundays are my least favorite days here.  They tend to be the most emotional and at some point, there will be tears.  I don’t like being around people when I feel sad, so these days are just…hard.  This is this past Sunday.  I was texting back and forth with Jaymie while listening to praise music and getting ready for the day.
I sent this kiss to her little girl Shyne, because, well, I am her Sissy and she sent me a text of little emoticons.
 She sent me this sweet, naked kiss back.
 And I ended up like this. (I do have clothes on under my hair although I admit that it doesn’t look like it).  My chin was quivering and my heart was hurting.  I can’t decide what is worse…feeling like this or not talking to the people I love.  I think both options cause me to end up in a puddle of tears.  I sent this picture to Jaymie because she was the one who made me cry, and since she wasn’t here in person, she had to see it via technology.  It’s only fair that way.
Every day seems to be filled with every type of emotion.  It seems that we get to experience a lot more emotion than we are used to on a daily basis, but perhaps this is what keeps us close to Him.  Without Him I know that I would be a much bigger mess than I already am!


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