Little Fishies suck our toes

While at the amusement park, we came across these blow up pools filled with little fishies that want to suck on your feet.  Always up for something that makes me giggle, I talked mom into sticking her feet in with me.  It was hilarious!
 Mom could’t handle the way it felt when they chewed in the soles of her feet, so she put her feet all the way on the bottom and let them nibble the tops.
 The bigger ones that came around scared me.  I think they were a little more serious about the eating.  And the ones who liked to get in between my toes weren’t my favorite either.  Ha!
 The girls talked Cam into letting them join the fun too, but Gracie was a bit too chicken when it actually came down to it.
 So was Ellie.  Ellie put her feet in kicking so all the fish would move first.  I think she missed the point.
 Faith is not a ‘fraidy cat.
 and she is so expressive!
 I think she had every muscle in her body clenched.  She was squealing and giggling.  Her reaction was  priceless!
 Mom was trying to help Gracie get over her fear.  She thought that if she couldn’t see them, it wouldn’t bother her quite as much.
 She was wrong.  LOL
It was a fun little adventure that we are all likely to never forget.  Or repeat…

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