The Chengdu Six Flags

Remember those tickets we won to an amusement park?  We decided to cash them in on Wednesday.  We were having a rough day and thought that something fun would help out with the grumps.  The weather was mild, and the fact that it was a weekday was a good idea, we thought.
After an hour on the bus, we arrived at the park…in the rain.  Things were not looking up.
After being sent to multiple places, we finally found the right park, and it looked like we were entering a ghost Suessical town!  There was NO ONE THERE!
Well, except for these paparazzi who attacked us right as we entered.  They wanted pictures of the girls…then more people came to pose with the girls.  We finally just had to leave or our whole time at the park would have been a photo shoot…
Not that it kinda wasn’t anyway šŸ™‚
Faith and Batman have a history.  Someday she might marry Batman.
I don’t really know who Ironman is…other than the fact that he has a really awesome house on a cliff that got blown up in the last movie…
Ornery.  Sums her up!
We thought that the park was completely shut down because of the rain, but soon realized that it wasn’t closed, but rather that the people all left, so no one was there to ride the rides except for us.
Gracie was a little embarrassed to raise her arms on the kiddie ride…when did she grow up?!
Let me just explain something.  My backside doesn’t fit in the seat meant for a chinese child.  But the seats on the ends were the only ones sized for an adult, so I got stuck half in and half out of the seat…more like my hips will be permanently bruised due to this rock-a-bye swing.
And I do mean rock-a-bye.  It was a slow swaying motion, and the music was lullabyes.  We were all ready for a nap when it finally ended!
Then I woke up.  Quickly!  The Chinese haven’t quite mastered the skill of a smooth ride.  My neck kept popping and our bodies were jerking.  Gracie and I were sore (still are!) the next day.  It was the two of us and two other guys right behind us on the ride, and the men kept saying “Whoa!” over and over.  I’m not sure what was more fun…the ride or listening to them! 
Bumper Cars!  
They were kind of brutal!  Faith was out to get everybody!  
Because of the emptiness of the park, no one had to get off the rides that you wanted to repeat.  So they did this one a couple times…haha!
The park really was pretty…with lots of colors and creative elements.  It wasn’t super huge, but rather the perfect size for a fun day without getting too tired.  And I got to go with my mom, which made it even better!
Check out this gigantic carousel!  Unfortunately, the upper deck was roped off, but it was still fun to ride and look at.
We have decided we may be getting too old for amusement parks.  I don’t remember getting quite so nauseous on rides before…
Look closely and you will see their arms up…they were riding their horses with flair!  Another thing the Chinese haven’t grasped is that Western music, especially rap, is filled with words that children should not hear.  Ever.  This carousel music wasn’t calm and lovely, but rather it was rap filled with f-bombs.  Disturbing, really.

Gracie and I are ride buddies.  She definitely has my love of roller coasters and rides!  We rode the “Conquistador” (here it is The Viking).  It went much, much higher than the one at Six Flags!

At the top of the ride, with our bellies in our throats, we looked a little crazy…crazy for thrills! šŸ™‚

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