Only the Veribest

I grew up In Veribest, Texas.  It is a tiny cotton farming town where everybody knows everybody and once the people love you, chances are pretty high that they will love you forever.  They met my boyfriends, watched me fall in love, celebrated my marriage with me, welcomed my children, cried with me, laughed with me…they have seen all the parts of my life.  When we moved here, we went back to Veribest to see everyone, and it just felt like home all over again.
 Today, we got a box from that home filled to the brim with surprises.  This was Meili’s first package to participate in, and Ellie couldn’t bear to leave her on the floor for it, in case you are wondering why she is in the pictures too.
Cam had just come in from playing baseball (we patiently waited for him to get home before we opened the box).  When we told him we got a package from Veribest, he said he bet there was some jerky from Robby in there.  Sure enough, Gracie is holding up the jerky for Cam to see!
 Mom was really surprised to see how beat up the box was, but every box that makes it across the ocean seems to have been through the ringer…
 I feel SPOILED.  I got some more Burt’s Bees chapstick, and my lips have never been happier (or softer!)
 And Mayonnaise!!  That seems like such a weird thing, but I was contemplating having our worship group over for lunch one week and wanted to make chicken salad on rolls…that requires mayonnaise.  I have a small jar of it, but if I used it for a big group, it would be gone.  Sadly, that really had an effect on my decision!  Now, I can have a party!  Woohoo!!
 Ellie found the craft dolls (they are her FAVORITE) and immediately ripped into the package.  The other girls were still taking stuff out of the big box, and Ellie was getting busy coloring her “rockstar”.
 Bath and Body candles…my favorite.  And they all smelled sooooo good.  Gracie tried to steal the watermelon one…
 See the candle in her hand?!  Stinker.  Cam was catching our excitement and had to come check things out.  He is really thrilled to have the George W. Bush book…he may have even cheered!  
 See how happy Ellie is with those little wooden dolls?!  We are all happy to be loved on.  In fact, just this morning we studied about how the church supported Paul (in Philippians), and I couldn’t help but be reminded of that when this box came.  We are content in Him, and will be whether we have much or little, but this blessing makes us feel like we have been hugged. 
 Thank you Veribest for walking with us.
I am guessing that my friend Amanda (who drew the really awesome pictures on my wall) is the one who packed this box.  She packed it like a pro!  I was impressed!  Look at all that stuff!  And whoever wrapped the mayonnaise in plastic wrap before putting it in a ziploc…genius!

2 thoughts on “Only the Veribest

  1. I have been told I am a pro at packing boxes, likened to a jig saw puzzle champion lol. I learned tips and tricks when sending a care package to my brother when he was in the Marines. lol You can never be to careful with those melty things, or those squishy things. We all hope you feel extra special and loved today. Lots of people contributed!


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