Next to the last Saturday

Mom only has one more Saturday with me.  I try not to think about it.

Last Saturday, we decided to go get our hair washed, but before we did that I had a little engagement that I had to go to.  I have this friend…he’s a lifeguard…that always comes and talks to me when we go to the pool.  While we were swimming Friday, he asked me if I would help him.  
 “We’re friends, right?” 
 Uh-oh.  High alert.  “yessss?”
“Can you help me?  It’s my girlfriend’s birthday, and I need your help”
I was getting a little excited thinking he wanted advice on what to get her, but…yeah.  Not quite.
“I want to make her a video.”
This is where it got sticky.  The language barrier became very large, daunting even.  We had done okay up to this point using both languages, but now I was just guessing and making up words that I put in his mouth.  I understood that he wanted me and my girls to meet him the next morning by the gate…or somewhere.  To make a video…or something.  10 o’clock came and off we went.   Turns out he wanted us to actually be the actresses.  And he wanted us to speak Chinese.  I amazingly remembered the phrase “I don’t speak Chinese!”, but when you say it in Chinese, it doesn’t really have the same impact. Gracie and Ellie went first (Faith wasn’t feeing great, so she didn’t come).  They had to say (in Chinese) Hello Pretty Woman.  My name is _______.  Happy Birthday!
Then I was up.  He taught me to say, 
Hello Pretty Woman.  I am Stephanie.  You’re boyfriend is AWESOME and is helping you have a great birthday.  You get prettier and prettier”
It seems like a strange greeting to me, but it was even more strange coming from a woman (whose last name is Strange) whom she has never met and who speaks very broken Chinese.  I was trying so hard to remember what he taught me to say that I was saying it all really slow.  Then I would start laughing…it was truly embarrassing!  But as the guy walked off, I heard him let out a shout of excitement, so I guess that is what he was looking for…

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