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Never thought that would be us…

We have these friends, from Veribest, that I grew up with.  I went through youth group with them, watched them fall in love, was there at their weddings, when their babies were born, you know, milestones of life.  I got an email a couple weeks ago saying that they were sending us a box.  Part of me was surprised, because, well, I’m always a little surprised when someone wants to sacrifice what they do to mail us a package.  The other part of me wasn’t at all because these two ladies have always been generous and supportive.  Always.  Then a follow up email was sent, almost an afterthought, to let me know how the box came about.  It said,

 “I think I forgot to mention that instead of gifts for Karter and Lexi’s birthdays, they collected items and money for shipping.  Just wanted you to know that it was a group effort and many people helped contribute to the box. :)”

I never in a million years thought that we would be the ones people collected things for…we aren’t special.  We aren’t in need.  We aren’t deserving.  It made my eyes fill up with that familiar wetness and my heart speed up, and I was filled with a gratefulness that there are people who love us…who want to support us…who want to make happy days happier and sad days joyful.  And for a moment, albeit a short moment, I was speechless.


This is the first time a package has come while the girls were home and we were having class.  They thought they would die having to wait an hour until our class was over!  Ha!


 See that blur?  That’s because Ellie ripped that Barbie out of the box so fast the camera couldn’t catch it!


They started throwing stuff out in their excitement…except Ellie.  She was working one-handed, not willing to let loose of the Barbie.


Little bead pets!  This is so right up the girls alley, it isn’t even funny.  And look at Ellie’s legs…they look so very long and monkeyish, almost like she isn’t a baby anymore…but I am not willing to concede that truth just yet.


They are still pulling things out…and I’m pretty sure someone threatened the life of Ellie’s Barbie (as she is now being called).


Do you see the cuteness of these dresses?!!  Gracie has already declared hers as her “first day of school” outfit, and the other two didn’t want to take them off.  They may all be matching the first day of school…how adorable and blackmailish will that be?!!


Somebody was really excited about iTunes.  I’m not sure what she has up her sleeve, but this is a time when I am thankful we all share an account and apps!


I can’t even begin to express the joy it brings my heart to see Faith excited about books.  This was a long time coming!  She immediately sat down and began to read.  Love it!


I’m not sure who is prettier…Barbie or Ellie.  She has played with her all afternoon.  Barbies just never get old!


Let me tell you a little story.  *disclaimer…this may be waaaaay too much info for the guys*

One evening as I was getting dressed after my shower, I had this thought of needing new underthings.  Holiness isn’t a virtue in panties.  And then I thought, “hmmm…can I buy those here?  I’m a little larger than the average Chinese woman, you know.  And ugh.  I don’t want to ask someone to mail me that!”.  The next morning, an email was waiting in my inbox…the one I mentioned above…and in it she asked me if I needed anything else I can’t get here, such as Victoria’s Secret panties.  My mouth literally dropped open.  I couldn’t believe that in less than 12 hours, He was fulfilling a need I had just barely thought of.  Two needs actually, because she also asked about make-up and I had thrown my empty container out the week before.   I realize that these may not actually fall into the need category, but I would really prefer not to go without either. 🙂  I love when He shows me that He is in the business of not just providing the necessary things of life, but in blessing His people abundantly!


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