Glittery Sin

This morning, as I sat alone in the dark, quiet living room having a quiet time with my Maker, someone else’s words spoke to me about the hardest thing.  You know, the hardest part of being here, about following Him when I don’t really like where He is leading.

“The hardest part is I just get selfish and lazy…the hardest part is this world and all its glitter…the hardest part is being pulled by the temporary…the hardest part is resisting the work of the devil…the hardest part is SIN.”

Being here isn’t all that bad…until I let the desire for glitter into my heart.  Then the door opens for my enemy to rush in with doubts and longings that aren’t from Him.  Things like Chick-Fil-A and Target.  And cute shoes…definitely cute shoes.  I start to get unhappy and moody and I feel hate.  I don’t like to think about the fact that I am a sinner, because, let’s face it, we all want to be good.  So, coming face to face with the knowledge that my struggle is because of my sin, well…it kinda hurts.  First step is acknowledgement.  Right?


This is the book I’m reading, that the quote came from.  And just to be clear, this is not what I read during my quiet time.  I read the Good Book, the BEST BOOK.  I was finished and had extra time because a cute, furry, white puppy woke me up at 5 this morning…

It’s a challenging read that won’t leave you unchanged (unless you let it) and will give your highlighter/pen a great workout!


2 thoughts on “Glittery Sin

  1. I am reading this book too and “love” it in a “Ouch” sort of way. LOL Actually God asked us that question about 2 years ago “Will you give me ANYthing?” And the question has changed us….


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