We are so BORING!

Cam and I had a rare opportunity to go on a date Friday night.  My friend asked if the girls could come for dinner and late night swimming, and who are we kidding?!  I, of course, said yes, wishing she would have invited me as well!  Instead, I found myself alone with a man.  We kind of stared at each other, not talking, because let’s face it.  We don’t talk.  Usually we have earbuds in streaming Chinese stories into our overworked brains, and sometimes I think we forget that the earbuds are gone, and it takes awhile for us to snap out of it and actually be together.


Or sometimes are are sitting side by side and one of us falls asleep and the other cheeses it up because she can’t stop laughing and takes a picture to share with the world.

Back to the story.  There is a store here in the city that sells all sorts of amazing import items, or so I had been told, so we decided to take a trip there.  It isn’t really the type of store that you would want to take the children to unless their grandparents were here to even up with the owner, if you get my drift.  It had so many things that I didn’t even know I missed!  But before we get into the store, let’s just talk about how we got there.

We took off on the scooter, wind blowing our (my) hair, a cool breeze on our faces.  Oh wait.  It was hot.  As in the steam from the street may cause second degree burns and the exhaust from the many buses feels like a wall of heat hitting your face.  And Cam was driving like a maniac so safely.  At one point I told him that next time I think I would prefer a taxi.  When he asked why, I replied that I didn’t want to die yet.  Because I thought I would.  On multiple occasions.  Then, when we were at the turn to get to the wonderful import store, Cam said the words that all women riding on the back of a scooter in the middle of a huge city in a foreign country dread.

We have a flat.

You have got to be kidding me!  Cameron asked a nearby scooter driver where a tire repair guy was (in reality, Cameron pointed at his flat tire and shrugged his shoulders.).  She pointed him back in the direction we had come from, and I took off on foot in the other direction to find the glorious store.  At this point I have to admit that my attitude needed rehauling.  I wanted to leave, and thought about hailing a taxi and leaving Cam there alone.  I didn’t really want to come in the first place…I wanted to make pizza and sit on the couch watching tv.  Glamorous, I know.  By this time, my stomach was grumbling and I was parched.  I saw a little cart/store thing selling something with ice, so I went and chose the first thing that seemed familiar…mint soda water.  When he handed me a drink the color of the Hulk, I was a bit skeptical, but it was full of ice (per my request) and since ice is hard to come by, I took a big ol’ chug-a-lug.  To my great surprise, it was fabulous!  It wasn’t minty at all…so I’m thinking the translation was a bit off, but it was good.  Finally, after walking twelve miles (not really, but did I mention the heat?), I arrived.  And my attitude was better.  A little.

The store was small, but in every square inch there was goodness.  Tostitos, cherry coke, snapple, wheat thins, cereal of every variety, my favorite pizza sauce…and the list could seriously go on forever.  I walked around the store as slow as humanly possible touching all the wonderful items, with ingredients listed in English and words I could read, not once, but three times.  The cashier must have been used to awestruck foreigners because she never batted an eye.  I carefully made my selections (nothing exciting because well, those wheat thins were almost $10 a box!  And the cereal was over $10 a box.  And I just couldn’t do it.) and made my way back to Cam.  The tire repair man was older than Santa and slower than Christmas.  Granted, the tire tube needed 7 patches (it really needed a new tube but he couldn’t get the old one off), so 90 minutes later, we were back on our date.

ImageDid I mention that the tire repair guy was on the side of the road under an umbrella?  And that Cameron caused quite the scene with the security guards when he walked up?  And that the tire master guy’s shorts were really loose and he kept hiking them up making me jerk my gaze away for fear that I would see something that could damage my retinas?  Yikes.

Trying his best to salvage our date, Cam took me to Papa Johns.  Nothing says I love you like cold cola and pepperoni pizza on the 9th floor of a fancy mall!  As I thought back on our date…minus the tire disaster…I realized that we are quite the old boring couple.  Wednesday will be 14 years since we’ve said “I do”, and for as many years back as I can count, our dates have been dinner and walking around Academy.  Life of the party.  I wouldn’t choose to be boring with anyone other than Cam though, and I count myself blessed to be his wife.


I mean, what other woman gets a man with pom poms in his pockets that shake when he walks?!


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